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INFINITE Youtube Event


They’re making us work hard to get the stuff we want. again.

If the views for the Official MV for ‘Back’ reaches 2,500,000

Performance Version will be uploaded. 

If it reaches 3,500,000 views - 

Practice Video will be uploaded. 

direct link to mv

Views as of July 29th 3:08AM - 1,585,234


when you say someone is pretty/handsome and then someone else is like “they got plastic surgery tho :/” like does that change the fact that they’re cute as hell now?? no

Dream rice 8000kg!!!! Check it at Konabeans!!!! Thank u World ELF!!! welcome back!!!!

*the names listed are of fanclubs/fans who donated*

cr: teukbar

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belongstothemoon asked
Can you tell me who is who in the latest Red Velvet group picture? The one with the yellow background and the girls wearing crowns.


Joy (green hair and green crown)
Irene (hot pink hair and orange crown)
Seulgi (orange hair and yellow crown)
Wendy (blue hair and blue crown)


Super Junior ON The Media | 140728

yesung1106: Today unique teuk;s come back … ^^ #예특

kanginnim:a day is really long, and long, and long~~

kimheenim:Weak pretty youth

earlyboysd:It`s about time I start…. giving hints right?? the picture is posted just because I`m hungry kkk #ELF are you ready to answer the quiz?? I am prepared to give questions!! kkk let`s start off lightly then, shall we? (hint- ○○○○○) kkkkk (T)

leedonghae:Lee Teuk is back !! After few hrs later !! SJ coming soon